Decorating for Courage: Why You’ll Want a Massage in Our Metal Room

Our vision for a larger wellness center includes beautifully decorated rooms representing the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood.

As a center specializing in Touch For Health Kinesiology, a huge influence on what we do is the Chinese Five Element Theory. Just like with acupuncture, we use the acupressure points and meridian channels to move the energy from an element of excess to an element that needs more energy in order to create balance in the system and jump start the bodies self-healing process.

I chose to decorate one of the initial rooms in our new center as the Metal element room, namely because metal was the most challenging element for me to envision as a nurturing, peaceful treatment room. Metal can be cold, hard, clean and simple.

Metal represents the energy of purity, preciseness, freshness, discipline and clarity. In classic Feng Shui metal is white, gray and all metallic colors, comes in the form of minerals, crystals, stones and gems, and is represented with round forms and polished surfaces. Decorating with the metal element emphasizes the attitudes of determination, courage and inner strength.

I’ll admit, decorating this room was a challenge. The beauty of the room eventually came together as we found a few key pieces such as the art-deco credenza with a stone top, Mandy’s metal monkey bowl (say that ten times fast!), and some key Chinese Bronze hardware to bring our re-purposed St. Vinnie’s armoire to life.

We chose to paint the walls of our metal treatment room a metallic “Bronze” and a pearl color called “Astute,” both very fitting color names for metal. To emphasize the essence of the metal element, the room has simple decor, plenty of white, and clean simple lines. You’ll find the room to be spacious with a “grand” feeling with large furniture and plenty of gold and bronze accents. To warm the room we’ve added velvet chocolate curtains and some plush blankets. Additional decor includes a stone coffee table, white leather chairs, and a few strategically placed gems and rocks. It is an interesting mix of stone and art deco, subtly lit by the paper lanterns, and a funky gold spiral lamp.

“The metal room feels very clean, calm and grounding with just a touch of aged glam.”

Our intention to decorate the rooms at Zenbrio House as the 5-elements, is not only to emphasize the root of our treatments in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but to provide balance to our clients by immersing them in the energy of a specifically decorated space.

When do you need more metal in your life?

Increasing the metal element in your life may be very balancing for you if you feel overwhelmed, depleted in energy, or worrisome, and when you desire clarity of purpose or direction in life.

Metal element can help with the following:
• Increase productivity and efficiency
• Emphasize precision
• Enhance ability to simplify and organize
• Decrease scattered, un-grounded behavior
• Help you connect with helpful people and timely opportunities
• Increase ability to articulate and communicate with clarity
• Increase discipline, determination, courage and drive towards goals
• Bring feelings of lightness, calm, and clarity

Clearly, Metal Rocks!

How do I know if my metal element is out of balance?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the metal element correlates to the Lung and Large Intestine organs and a handful of muscles such as Anterior Serratus, Diaphragm, Deltoid, Hamstrings and Fascia Lata (the IT band). If the metal element is out of balance an individual may experience dysfunction or pain in the corresponding muscles and symptoms of the organs themselves.

For example an individual may experience pain, weakness, diminished range of motion, tightness, and inability to “fire” properly in the corresponding muscles. If the imbalance lasts long enough the individual may experience complications with the lung or large intestine such as nose problems, colds or other repiratory problems, asthma, breathing problems, intestine-related problems, constipation, or lack of energy and inspiration in life.

When the metal element is out of balance the person may feel guilt, grief, difficulty letting go of the past, difficulty letting go of people or things, and they may be jealous, or worrisome. They may be forceful, rigid or controlling.

A person who is in balance in the metal element will exhibit courage, determination, leadership, minimalism, and will be able to make decisions easily. They are organized, clean and decisive.

Check out this excerpt about the metal element from the Touch For Health Kinesiology textbook. This is the book we use to balance our clients at Zenbrio House.

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When we test a muscle correlating to a particular element, it gives us an indication of the energy flow in that element and the specific meridian within the element. For example, testing the Deltoid gives us an indication of Lung Meridian within the metal element.

If it’s depleted the muscle will not function properly. To bring the meridian back to balance we may use acupressure, touch reflexes such as rubbing certain points, or work with the muscle itself to create harmony in the system.

When we balance a meridian the proper muscle function returns, muscles relax, and the body falls back into postural alignment. Since these muscles and meridians correlate to organ function, we know it is gives the person a boost and initiates self-healing on the inside as well. Our physiological functions, our horomones, and emotions, come back into balance and this harmony in the system feels extremely good. It’s often described as a lightness, a feeling of peace, and a release of physical and emotional stress.

The more frequently you experience balance, the more your body becomes efficient, vibrant and healthy.

Check out those metaphors! Isn’t it absolutely fascinating how the muscle function or dysfunction correlates to what may be going on in our lives? That is what makes working with the 5-Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine holistic.

“Holistic is integrating all of the aspects of the person in the context of their life, not just treating their symptoms or treating a broken part.”

Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years because it is extremely effective in helping people recover from illness and heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. The 5-Element theory is the most fascinating and eerily accurate healing system I have had the pleasure of learning about. If you are curious about how we balance the 5-Elements, join us for a Community Balance Circle or treat yourself to a Kinesiology Balance session. A balance will align your posture, enhance your energy and improve your mental outlook.

Through Traditional Chinese Medicine and Touch For Health balancing, a person can experience a lot more ease and a lot less disease.

I hope you will visit our center and that you find the metal room to be luxurious and balancing. We are excited to share this beautiful space with you and hope that it will inspire you to get organized, get clear, and bring forth the calm and courageous energies within you to achieve what your heart desires.

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Blog post by Sara McRae, LMT
Photo by Sara McRae, LMT