Astrologer Predicts Massage Therapist Turns Woo Woo

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Please take a moment to read my personal story of how local astrologer, Johanna Mitchell impacted my life as an evolving massage therapist. ,Johanna has been diagnosed with ALS, causing her to lose her mobility and eventually she will lose her voice.

There will be an all-day benefit for Johanna at Tsunami Books on September 15 from 10am to 9pm. There will be a silent auction, flea market, readings and more. Please donate or attend! Here is a link to the Facebook Page with more detail about the benefit:

Benefit for Johanna Mitchell

Listen to Johanna’s 2018 Astrological Reading

“If you like hard work, you’re going to love this year” says Johanna Mitchell, local astrologer at her annual astrology reading at Tsunami Books.

Seriously! Of all the years to miss her reading, I miss it this year!

Well, of course I missed it, because at the turn of the year my year was already hard. I was too busy working too hard to have any fun. In fact, this entire year has been the hardest year for me since 2009.

I was originally thinking that I must have sorely wronged someone and they put a spell on me to have lots of challenges and a difficult time this year. My other theory was that I have been really blessed and happy for the past several years that I was just “due” for a reminder of how hard life can be. In that cycle I would become re-grounded in the whole “life is hard” experience and my therapeutic work with people would deepen again, as I am refreshed in my understanding of stress and pain.

Both of those theories are undoubtedly wrong and just stories I tell myself in my head. It’s more likely that this year is just “hard” and Johanna Mitchell, as usual, knows what she is talking about.

It breaks my heart to learn that Johanna  is losing her ability to speak. If you have ever had the pleasure to meet her you know that she has the most cheerful voice and the way she talks is like joy rising. She is such a fun person to listen to!

Here is a link to an article on KLCC about how Johanna is doing, and the article includes a voice recording of her 2018 annual astrology reading. Scroll down to where it says, “LISTEN TO JOHANNA MITCHELL’S 2018 ASTROLOGICAL PREVIEW.” Listen and enjoy!

KLCC Astrologer Feels Blessed Despite Terminal Diagnosis

Now, let’s go back in time. Here is my story about how I met Johanna.

Astrologer Predicts Massage Therapist Turns Woo Woo

In 2014 I had my first astrology reading with Johanna Mitchell. I was skeptical and excited to hear what she would have to say about me and my life, according to the stars. After all I had heard about how wonderful she was by eavesdropping on a couple of coworkers, but I knew essentially nothing about astrology.

They were right.  Johanna was wonderful and full of insight. It was like talking to a wise friend who has your best interest at heart, with a dash of funny and a sprinkle of magic. She told me all sorts of things about my personality that were true like, “the Gemini in you loves change, like completely rearrange your furniture, but you only actually do that every several years, not all the time, because the Taurus in you is really strong and likes to keep things the same.” People, the conflict is REAL. It was like she knew me.

It was a lovely session and she said all sorts of interesting things to me including predictions about the following year. I tuned into certain things, like the bit about my partner having a big challenge in the fall (which he did) and that it would be smart of me to avoid any sort of contractual agreements.

I don’t know about you, but I thoroughly enjoyed having someone talk to me, about me, for over an hour. Fascinated by how well she articulated details of my personality just by looking at my chart, I learned that astrology had a lot more detail than just the month you were born. I didn’t know how it worked, but it was seemingly on-point.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Johanna said something during that session that seemed minor at the time. In fact, I didn’t even remember she had said it. Only after it happened and I listened back to the CD recording of our session a year later did all of my skepticism fly out the window.

She told me that the late winter would be an excellent time for me to travel, especially for education. She said, “Look for a class at a convenient time in a place you would like to go. You’ll be glad you did. It will change the course of your career.”

It is true that changing courses and being adaptable is a classic Gemini trait, but I was enjoying my career as a massage therapist and had no reason to want to change. So, in the course of my astrology reading when she said that, I must have dismissed it. I was more enthralled with the other juicer things she was telling me.

So what happened? I did exactly what she said without even knowing she said it. It just happened.

I was looking for some continuing education for my massage therapist’s practice. Specifically I was seeking something that had to do with Chinese Medicine. I thought integrating some acupressure into my massage sessions might be a great idea. I found a week-long class in Malibu, CA that was at a beautiful Franciscan Monk retreat center. There was a mediation labyrinth, and the place looked serene. It would be held on the perfect week, when my partner was also out of town. It had to do with a book I had thumbed through a couple of times, Touch For Health. Done! I didn’t hesitate, I just signed up for it.

How It Changed My Career

Taking that class and it not only changed my career, it changed my life. In the first few hours, my stress was gone. By the third day all of my long-standing chronic pain was gone. I learned how to work with meridians to eliminate pain, how to use touch points to improve range of motion and get function back into body parts that were not working right.  This stuff is liquid gold for a massage therapist.

It showed me that energy is not some mystical thing that only people with a “gift” can work with. That healing is practical and simple, and we can completely change our response to stress by getting an energy balance.

I had signed up to take the class with Matthew Thie, son of the founder of the system, and had no idea that that was who I was learning from. I was just taking a random class I found online at a place I wanted to go. Only later did I understand how fortunate I was that I had landed on his website.

Touch For Health was magic, and it brought magic to my work. As a very manual massage therapist, I had never worked with energy before. I didn’t even know what a meridian was when I took that class. I had no idea you could release a tight muscle by tracing your hand across the body and not even touching the person! It was woo woo but it worked! I was in complete awe.

As a massage therapist I was used to working and working, and working the body some more to get results. It was music to my ears to learn that there were simpler gentler techniques, which were much more effective and long-lasting.

Touch For Health answered all of my inner prayers about what I wanted to be able to do for my own self-care, as well as bring depth and meaning to my work with clients. I was so inspired that I began using it in my massage practice right away. In a short time I was doing more kinesiology than I was focusing on being a massage therapist. Later that year I became a Touch For Health instructor passionate about teaching others!

I had fallen in love.

When I listened back to the CD of my reading with Johanna the following year, I was blown away. Briefly mentioned, among all of the other things that seemed so much more interesting, was a very clear prediction about what actually happened. That was when I knew there was something to astrology.  Johanna herself was a goddess!

She called it. That one random class did change my life. It changed it ways that I can’t even begin to explain to you. I’ve had rapid growth from the inside out and the outside in. I became a totally different type of massage therapist. It is the foundation from which Zenbrio House was born.

Get Your Own Astrology Info

There is so much more to astrology than the daily horoscope in the paper. What I once thought was just for entertainment, like so many things, runs much deeper than what initially meets the eye. Master astrologers like Johanna Mitchell spend a lifetime studying and perfecting the science and art of interpreting the stars and planets as they relate to our charts. Giving us information in a way that we can understand and integrate and experience how it impacts our lives.

Johanna has touched countless lives and I can only imagine the positive ripple effect she has had on our community. I am blessed to have enjoyed her company on several occasions and grateful for the many subtle and significant ways she has impacted my life. Join me in celebration of her work by attending her benefit on September 15 at Tsunami Bookstore in Eugene.

If you are curious about astrology, Johanna makes a personal recommendation to someone she trusts for astrology readings on her website: and if you haven’t read your own natal chart, check this out and see if a more in-depth description of you, according to astrology, resonates: Free Natal Chart on Cafe Astrology

Blog post by Sara McRae, Licensed Massage Therapist
Photo by Marco Xu