Slay Your Stress Patterns

At Zenbrio House we focus on stress relief and teaching people practical ways to improve their energy, overcome stress and stay healthy. 

Our providers are excellent at relaxation, relieving stress, and improving physical comfort but we are the best in Eugene for helping you slay your stress patterns so can enjoy your life even more!

Stress is the source of disease and leads to physical, emotional and energetic compensations that you experience as symptoms. Our goal is to take you beyond the symptoms, so you can understand yourself better and get some real relief!

Our providers have a holistic approach, and pride themselves on treating the whole person from a place of non-judgement. 

We want each person in our community, including you, to take charge of your health and have fun doing it!

Making A Difference

Zenbrio House is making a positive impact on our community with holistic health. We are actively teaching, balancing, and mentoring everyday people and local providers.

Community Events

We offer events including the 8% Club and Zen Living Clinic because we want Eugene to be a more healthy and balanced place to live and thrive. It is our desire to support individuals with accessible self-care and make a huge positive ripple effect in the attitude and energy of our community. 

A balanced community is a more enjoyable place to live, with healthier, happier individuals who are more resilient in the face of stress.


We offer classes for individuals to learn the skills they need to help themselves and their loved ones improve their energy and health at home.

Dear Oregon Community,

Are you ready to Slay Your Stress Patterns? Zenbrio House  is here to help people overcome stress and have fun doing it!

By demystifying holistic strategies from cultures around the world, and educating everyday people in holistic health, we empower individuals to take charge of their health.  When more individuals have strategies to relieve stress we create a more vibrantly healthy community. 

With holistic care there are no fancy kits, miracle drugs, or products to buy. All you need is:

  • an open mind about health techniques from other cultures,
  • a willingness to learn,
  • and the desire to connect with your body’s inner wisdom

    We encourage at least one person in every family to learn how to use Energy Kinesiology techniques to relieve stress and balance energy to achieve goals.

Energy Kinesiology will never replace your doctor, and we strongly support and value western medicine. We do not diagnose medical conditions and cannot promise to cure disease. We believe in the self-responsibility model, where each individual is responsible for making decisions about their own health and are the authority in their wellness journey. Clients are encouraged to utilize the best of Eastern and Western medicine theories, treatments, and practices.

 Each person is a dynamic individual with unique health needs and wellness goals.“If we gave all of the plants in the world the same amount of water, and the same amount of light, we’d have a few happy plants, and a lot of dead plants.” – Brittany Blake Legacy

We are here to help you find the right amount of light and the right amount of water for your unique system in the context of your unique life. Only you can determine what is right for you. 

Zenbrio House providers support your wellness journey by providing quality pain and stress relieving treatments, and teaching you effective natural techniques for self-care. 

Slay You Stress Patterns and enjoy life even more! 

The Zenbrio  Wellness Team

Take A Closer Look At Our Zen Culture

Best Massage In Eugene Oregon

There is no better feeling than the state of zen – when you in a total state of peace, body, mind and spirit.  The word Brio means energy, vitality and vibrancy.

Put those two words together and you have Zenbrio which means being peaceful in your energy.  

Zenbrio is about living in your full potential and what you are capable of when your body, mind, and energy are aligned and fully supporting your goals.

It is much easier to carry out your purpose or “telos” when you are in balance!

Zenbrio Man Best Massage


Our Purpose

Each time we help an individual Slay Their Stress Patterns, there is an exponential ripple effect. We believe this can make a positive impact on our local and global community. When individuals feel good more often, they can more easily carry out their life’s purpose.

Zenbrio House has two cyclical purposes that feed each other;

  • to educate and empower everyday people in holistic health
  • to educate, encourage and support holistic providers so they may enjoy a thriving practice and be inspired to educate and empower more people in holistic health

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow a community of people educated in holistic self-care, who are an authority in their own health, connected to their unique inner wisdom, and passionate about helping others live a more balanced, vibrantly healthy life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to demystify Energy Kinesiology and alternative medicine, making it more mainstream and widely used in the home and office, for stress relief and practical self-care.

Our Intention

At Zenbrio House, we believe that by educating everyday people in holistic health, we create a more vibrantly healthy community.

We believe that individuals educated in holistic health will:

  • Be empowered to improve their health naturally; able to more easily recover from illness and injury without pharmaceuticals or surgery and prevent disease before it starts, having a positive impact on our health care system.
  • Support holistic businesses and products that are in harmony with our bodies and our planet’s resources.
  • Choose healthy foods and nutrients from the earth, and help us nourish a sustainable food system.
  • Be inspired to holistically care for animals and help improve the health and quality of life for all species.
  • Live in harmony with their body, mind, and spirit, resulting in a more peaceful, positive, healthier world.

Our Beautiful Space

Our treatment rooms are a reflection of our therapy; fun and relaxing with a touch of quirky, and a sprinkle of glam. We want you to feel completely at home at Zenbrio House. After all, our name is Zenbrio “House” and we want our house to feel like home.

Get your massage in one of our treatment rooms based on the Chinese Medicine 5-Elements, Metal, Water and Wood.

The Metal Room
The Water Room
The Wood Room

Glowing Testimonials

Find out what our clients are saying about us! Happy customers are leaving glowing testimonials that we have the best massage therapists in Eugene. We agree!