Dear Oregon Community,

Zenbrio House is the premiere Holistic Massage and Energy Kinesiology Center in Eugene. By educating everyday people in holistic health, and empowering individuals to live in harmony with their body, mind, and spirit, we create a more vibrantly healthy planet.

With holistic care there are no fancy kits, miracle drugs, or products to buy. All you need is:

  • an open mind about health techniques from other cultures,
  • a willingness to learn,
  • and the desire to connect with your body’s inner wisdom.

Energy Kinesiology is a valuable resource to be shared, and a precious gift to be honored and appreciated. We encourage at least one person in every family to learn how to use the Touch For Health book and Energy Kinesiology techniques as a holistic health resource.

Energy Kinesiology will never replace your doctor, and we strongly support and value western medicine. We do not diagnose medical conditions and cannot promise to cure disease. We believe in the self-responsibility model, where each individual is responsible for making decisions about their own health and are the authority in their wellness journey. Clients are encouraged to utilize the best of Eastern and Western medicine theories, treatments, and practices.

There is no quick fix, no miracle cure, and no one way to heal everyone and everything. Each person is a dynamic individual with unique health needs and wellness goals.

“If we gave all of the plants in the world the same amount of water, and the same amount of light, we’d have a few happy plants, and a lot of dead plants.” – Brittany Blake Legacy
We are here to help you find the right amount of light and the right amount of water for your unique system in the context of your unique life.

Only you can determine what is right for you on your wellness journey. Our role is to teach you effective holistic health techniques, and connect you to holistic options, so you may improve the quality of your life, naturally! Zenbrio House therapists are proud to support your wellness journey by offering the very best in holistic care, Touch For Health education and Energy Kinesiology treatments.

May you find exactly what you are looking for to live at peace with your body, mind, and energy; aligned with the telos of your spirit.

In Zenbrio,

Sara McRae
Joyce Bunner
Mandy Baucum
and the rest of the Zenbrio Team

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