When Should I Seek Holistic Care?

Holistic care can prevent disease and provide stress management tools and solutions. Often we don’t seek holistic care until we are so overwhelmed, in pain or depleted that we need urgent help.

In Chronic Pain?
Can’t Think Clearly?
Recent Injury, Illness, or Setback?
Performance not up to Par?
Can your life be better in any way?
Is there anything that could be easier or more peaceful?

Then holistic care will benefit you!

How Can Zenbrio House Help?

Anyone who experiences stress can benefit from a massage, energy kinesiology, or spa treatment with us. When we integrate Touch For Health into your session we can help with Physical, Emotional, or Energetic Stress including:

  • muscular aches and pains
  • tension and tightness
  • lack of mobility or decreased flexibility
  • depleted energy and exhaustion
  • trouble sleeping
  • difficulty focusing, mental fog
  • anxiety, lack of patience, lack of inspiration
  • frustrated from work or relationships
  • triggers and more…

We are the best in Eugene because we are dedicated to helping you meet your wellness goals. Every treatment is unique to your needs and is given with the highest gratitude.

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