Become Your Own Healer!

Touch for Health is a natural health system used to release the stress that is weighing you down! 

You’ll learn hands-on skills to balance posture, muscles, and energy systems in a meaningful way, to help yourself and others achieve wellness goals for the rest of your life.

Our subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and energy patterns determine how we respond to stress in our lives. Learn how to change your response to any stress past, present or future with one easy process based in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Energy Kinesiology.

Erasing subconscious  patterns that are holding you back, is the underlying magic of the Touch For Health system!

You’ll learn touch therapy skills and techniques to –

      • clear muscle compensations and pain!
      • reset your posture!
      • improve immunity and keep illness at bay!
      • enhance mental & physical performance and recovery!

You’ll also learn a step-by-step process to balance the meridian system of Chinese Medicine to –

      • improve your energy and clear emotional stress!
      • align your body with your personal goals!
      • break free of old patterns keeping you stuck!
      • restore to peaceful equilibrium after stress – or prevent a stress response in the first place!

When you align your body and energy systems with your personal goals, achieving them becomes easier! This is done by clearing the stress pattern that is keeping you from making progress.

Touch For Health Energy Kinesiology erases stress so you can be energized, confident and feel delicious in your body! 

Sara McRae Touch For Health

Sara McRae and Zenbrio School of Energy Kinesiology is an approved provider for professional continuing education

for Massage Therapists, Nurses, Acupuncturists, and Athletic Trainers. 

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Seats are limited and advanced registration is required.

Get Certified!

Touch For Health is an internationally recognized qualification. 

Upon successful completion of each course, students receive a certificate from the International Kinesiology College. 

Courses are taught in a relaxed environment with like-minded people. There is no pre-requisite, except a desire to learn!  

Classes are ideal for anyone interested in natural health, as well as the experienced wellness practitioner who wants to expand their practice.  Students are supported at every stage to become confident and competent.

Professional continuing education credit (CEU) contact hours are available for Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists and Athletic Trainers. Other professionals such as RN’s, PT’s, Counselors, and…

Be Empowered!

In a world where everyone is telling you what to do for your health, Touch For Health shows you how to tap into your own needs!  Courses are full of techniques to help you, your family, and your clients decrease pain, improve performance, and save money on health.

Learning Touch For Health is ideal for advancing your:

  • Personal growth 
  • Athletic performance 
  • Intuition and bodywork toolkit
  • Ability to help family, clients, pets, and friends feel and function better!

Why Learn It?

  • You may have some behaviors, habits or thoughts you’d like to change but you are not sure how.
  • Stress limits your ability to perform at your best.
  • Inconsistent energy levels keep you from enjoying life as much as you want.
  • You want to align your posture without forcing it or thinking about it. Whether you want to sit at a computer more comfortably or get into alignment before you exercise.
  • You wonder what what your body is trying to say when aches, pains or symptoms arise.
  • You sometimes get triggered, experience anxiety, or unexplained emotions.
  • You want to learn how to more effectively help yourself and others feel and function better.
  • You are a health professional who wants to provide bodywork more efficiently and and have longevity in your career.

When stress and injuries occur, our body is challenged to function at its best.

Stress has a negative effect on our emotions, ability to think clearly, energy levels, our posture, how long symptoms persist, and how well we perform in life.

With Touch For Health, you will learn how to tap into your ability to clear stress of all kinds.

Sara after completing Berlin Marathon 2019.

About The Instructor

Sara McRae is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Touch For Health Instructor for the International Kinesiology College.

She’s an open-minded skeptic who never thought she’d be working with energy medicine. She was introduced to Energy Kinesiology when a practitioner found, with muscle monitoring, that an emotion from a traumatic birth experience was the source of her stiff back. Thirty seconds later, when the emotion was cleared, her back stiffness was gone, and she began a journey  to find out what happened to her as an infant.

Several months later, Sara ended up in a Touch For Health class, not knowing that she would learn those same skills, and it would change the course of her career!

You might find Sara barefoot hiking in the wilderness, running marathons, or balancing herself (aka rubbing lots of points and waving her hands around) before she lifts weights at the gym.

Sara received the “Instructor Rookie of the Year” award in 2016 to recognize her for teaching Touch For Health right out of training. A natural-born teacher, she’s been coaching and teaching for years, but now it’s wellness instead of technology!  She’s quick to laugh, doesn’t take life too seriously, and she is a huge fan of naps!

You won’t find another instructor more immersed and more passionate about the material. She makes her living diffusing stress with her clients in her private practice, and lives and breathes Touch For Health every day in her personal life.


“Energy Kinesiology is the most fun and fascinating healing wizardry I know! Everyone should know this stuff.  Teaching it is pure joy-rising, because I get to witness students have their mind blown by what they can do with these skills!”

Touch For Health Energy Kinesiology Training Schedule

Upcoming Courses 2020

Slay Your Stress Patterns!

Take the Touch For Health Synthesis April 2021! This immersive class experience includes the 4 levels of Touch For Health plus a BONUS class for a total of 76 hours of training!

Zenbrio House
Courses are located at:
Zenbrio Touch For Health School of Energy Kinesiology
1725 Pearl Street  .  Eugene, Oregon
Returning Student Tuition
  • Students who have taken courses and want to repeat, may do so for $225 per course. You must be able to provide by email, a copy of your IKC certificate or transcript.

  • Students who have taken Touch For Health with myself or Joyce Bunner as instructor, may repeat for $125 per course.

  • If you have previously taken the full TFH Synthesis (Levels 1-4), and wish to repeat the Synthesis and take Advanced Goal Setting and Metaphors, tuition is $969.  You must be able to provide by email, a copy of your IKC certificate or transcript.

  • If you have previously taken TFH Level 1 and wish to take the full TFH Synthesis you make take $200 off the registration price. You must be able to provide by email, a copy of your IKC certificate or transcript.
Refund Policy
  • Your payment or deposit is transferable to another course within one year, with a 30-day notification prior to the original class date.