In chronic pain?
Can’t think clearly?
Performance not up to par?

Zenbrio House offers a variety of Energy Balances to help you find solutions.

Energy Balances release where you feel “stuck” and help you change your response to something that is stressful. It’s a fun and interactive way to bring more joy, ease and comfort to your life and your body! Energy Balances help you to experience improvements in posture, performance, and health, and achieving fulfillment of goals in ways you may have never thought possible.

Energy Balances are $95 for a 90min session, and given with the highest gratitude.


Alignment Balances

Balance to decrease pain, improve posture, eliminate reactive muscle patterns, improve coordination, increase flexibility, and recover from old injuries.


  • Balance Pain
    Do you have an ache, pain, or limitation that is keeping you from feeling your best or enjoying your life to the fullest? This Touch For Health Kinesiology balance will focus on decreasing or eliminating that pain and increasing your energy, so you can get back to doing what you love.
  • Balance Posture
    Have you noticed your posture isn’t quite to your liking? Are you slumped over, limping, twisting, or compensating? In this Touch For Health Kinesiology balance we will check various muscles in your body to make sure¬†they are doing their job optimally in order to improve your posture. No need to spend energy to force those parts into place, we’ll balance your whole body so your posture comes into alignment with ease naturally.
  • Balance Reactives
    Do you notice that when you do a certain activity or movement, or when one muscle gets stressed or tight, it creates pain, tension or weakness in other areas of your body? In this Touch For Health Kinesiology balance we will look for the reactive muscle pattern and reset the relationship between the muscles involved, so they stay balanced.

Harmony Balances

Balance away your stress, find out what your body needs to heal, overcome triggers, fears, phobias, subconscious programming, mental loops, and even be balanced for something completely private.


  • Stress Be Gone Balance
    Someone or something bothering you right now? Let’s balance for that.
  • I’m Over It Balance
    Do you have a fear, phobia or long-term stressor? In this balance we will work with you to reduce or eliminate the stress so your whole system responds in a calmer, more balanced way next time you face that stressor.
  • Silent Balance
    Would you like a balance for something you would prefer not to talk about? We can still balance you even if your practitioner is unaware of the issue or stressor you are balancing. This session is reserved for your most private stress, and your silence is honored and respected.  (This advanced balance is for clients who have done several goal balancing sessions and understand the process well enough to be assisted in a balance without speaking.)

Performance Balances

Balance for past, present or future performance of any kind, to improve your sleep, your confidence, and sharpen your mind.


  • Achieve Now Balance
    Do you have a goal or intention you’d like to come into alignment with right now? In this classic Touch For Health goal balancing session we will balance your mind, body and energy to better achieve your goal.
  • Recover Balance
    Have you had a negative experience, injury or trauma that is still affecting you now? In this Touch For Health Kinesiology balance we can reduce the emotional and physical stress still triggered by the past event, so it’s not keeping you from moving forward in a positive direction.
  • Better Sleep Balance
    Do you have a hard time sleeping or have recently experienced jet lag? In this balance we can reset your body clock to the right time, help you fall asleep, stay asleep and get back into this time zone after travelling.