Workplace Stress?

Do you or your colleagues experience stress at work?

Stress Free Workplace

Do you have aches or pains from your workplace posture or activities? Do you ever get tired, have mental fatigue, or low energy at work?  We have solutions!

Your workplace is your second home, let us help you be more comfortable, energized and happy day-to-day.

Pain Free Workplace Presentation

Would you like us to present to your team?  We would be happy to provide a complimentary 60 or 90 minute “Pain Free Workplace” presentation for a minimum of 8 people.

What will be included in the presentation? With Touch For Health, we have a lot of simple and effective pain relieving and energy-boosting techniques that are perfect for the office. From eye strain, to neck pain, to improving focus, we can help.

Treat your staff to a fun and informative presentation, and enjoy learning about natural ways to improve comfort and productivity in the workplace.