Learning the Touch For Health is an invaluable resource for your personal health, and the health of your family.

You will learn a variety of techniques to rely on to feel better when you are sick and strategies for improving your energy and meeting your goals. You will learn skills to help with headaches, aching backs, trouble sleeping, and more.

  • Increase your ability to help yourself and others feel and function better (including pets!)
  • Identify the foods and activities that are balancing for your unique system
  • Identify nutritional deficiency or excess
  • Learn Chinese medicine acupressure touch, simple pain techniques, and various touch reflexes
  • Effectively use pre and post muscle testing to note changes in the whole body
  • Identify life goals and tune yourself and others to achieve them
  • Connect with your own intuition and come into harmony with your history, context and purpose
  • Move through past trauma, overcome fears, phobias, and unconscious sabotage
  • Enhance your recuperative powers
  • Become your own primary care resource, able to asses and improve your own wellness
  • Be empowered and empower others to take responsibility for their own health and healing