What is Energy Kinesiology?

Energy Kinesiology is a hands on method to access the body’s bio-computer through muscle monitoring. Applying gentle pressure on specific muscles, the therapist and client work together to identify stressors and imbalances present in the physical, energetic, and emotional systems of an individual, and find the optimal correction for the imbalance.

Energy Kinesiology is a blend of Eastern and Western healing techniques.

From the West, Chiropractic Reflexes and the scientific study of body movement, and from the East, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the meridian system.

The dynamic integration of these two models, combined with techniques from cultures around the world, makes Kinesiology a unique and powerful healing system. Energy Kinesiology is maximized by the ability to identify the precise needs of the individual through muscle monitoring.

What type of Kinesiology do we offer?

Most of the Zenbrio House practitioners are trained in the field of holistic health called Energy Kinesiology, specialize in modality called Touch For Health, and provide Balances for individual healing, as well as classes and workshops for wellness professionals and families.

While each practitioner may also specialize in an additional healing modality such as massage, facials, or yoga therapy, we are unique in our ability to integrate kinesiology into all of your healing sessions.

What is a Balance?

A Touch For Health Kinesiology session is called a “Balance.”

During a balance session, the practitioner aims to correct any imbalance in the posture and energy of a person and restore them to a natural state of wellness. A balance is helpful to identify the root cause of the stress that is keeping the individual from optimal performance, energy, attitude, ease, and JOY!

The practitioner works holistically, taking into account the whole person and their needs in the context of their unique life, working with the individual’s personal goals and aspirations for their best health and joyful living.

‘We understand that “it’s all connected” and we will treat you that way. We can help you connect the dots between the various components of your life affecting your health.”

What types of techniques are used in a balance?

Through a combination of muscle monitoring, gentle touch reflexes, and various healing techniques, the skilled practitioner has the tools to move their client into a state of balance.

Sessions may include acupressure, massage, work with specific muscles, meridian stimulation, neurolymphatic, neurovascular holding points, and more.

Your practitioner is skilled in many types of corrections from both eastern and western models, and muscle monitoring will indicate the best technique to use at any given time.

For example, to improve the function in your shoulder movement, muscle monitoring may reveal that your body prefers the practitioner trace the meridian correlated to that muscle instead of working the muscle itself. The techniques applied are unique to your system and what your body prefers for healing at the time.

Your practitioner’s ability to pull from techniques used in different cultures around the world is both a science and an art.

How does a  balance work?

Since muscle monitoring accesses the body’s own biofeedback information, it provides access to all of the physical,  energetic, emotional and mental systems of the body.

Every muscle in the body is connected to our central nervous system and when our brain registers stress, it interferes with the neurological circuit and causes an inhibited response. It is from this muscle response that the practitioner can identify the stresses involved with the original physical, mental, or energetic complaint. Through a facilitated response the practitioner can identify what corrections the body needs to heal.

What can a  balance help with?

This treatment can help you improve your overall health and well-being in all aspects of your life. Therapy is varied and can assist with stress, aches and pains, chronic dysfunction, emotional challenges, sports injuries and much more.

Who can benefit from Touch For Health Kinesiology?

Everyone, no matter what age or fitness level.

Children and teens love balancing sessions to help them with their ability to focus, study, and achieve at school and athletics.

Adults benefit from balancing to overcome fears, triggers, and unconscious programming, and to help with goals, relationships, and anything they would like to be able to do with more ease.

Kinesiology is for everyone, but is it for me?

Is there something that can be better in your life? Is there something that could be easier or more peaceful?

When you experience a Balance, you’ll find it to be fun, fascinating, powerful, and healing. It is often surprising how a balance can affect and integrate the various aspects of your life in a positive way.

Is Kinesiology a form of medical treatment?

No. We do not diagnose, treat or work with named diseases. Our treatments balance the body to boost it’s own natural healing ability.