Biography for John Ditmars, M.S., LAc.

John is an acupuncturist that specializes in treatment of pain-based conditions, both acute and chronic.  He utilizes three styles of acupuncture, and when appropriate, performs gentle  myofascial dry needling to help his patients release tension and eliminate pain.  In addition to acupuncture, John practices fire cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, and Chinese bodywork.

John is one of three people in the Pacific Northwest to have trained in Acupuncture Physical Medicine (APM) style of acupuncture, developed by Dr. Mark Seem, a pioneer in modern acupuncture.   

While John trained directly under Dr. Seem, he also extensively trained with Kiiko Matsumoto Sensei, to learn her gentle style of acupuncture that stems from the blind acupuncturists in Japan during the Edo Period.  Her style, like APM, is palpation (touch) based, but is very different in feeling than other acupuncture approaches.  

In addition, he was learned Traditional Chinese acupuncture, which is the root of it all.  John often likes to fuse the styles together, which allows for tailoring the treatment for each patient’s unique needs.  His goal is to provide as gentle and effective treatments as possible.

Treating Injuries and Athletes

John has a special interest in treating injuries whether they be from an accident or from gradual wear and tear from overuse.  

His own experience with such conditions through much of his life lead him to such a focus, yielding the special training he received while in school at The Tri-State College of Acupuncture along his post-graduate studies with masters of acupuncture and medical bodywork.  Some of his patients are professional athletes, many are weekend warriors, and some don’t exercise much at all.  

That being said,  common complaints such as neck pain, TMJ (jaw pain and tension), carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, back and hip pain, rotator cuff injury and dysfunction, and headaches, are just a few things on the list that all kinds of people get successfully healed with acupuncture.  

While John enjoys working with eliminating and managing pain, he also commonly treats stress, insomnia, frustration, and exhaustion with great success.   Some treatments may also require other modalities such as fire cupping, electro-stimulation (E-Stim) acupuncture, gua sha, topical medical herbal liniments/oils, or bodywork.  Most sessions will require patient feedback to help guide John to get to where we need for the best results.

More about John’s Background and Hobbies

In addition to acupuncture and East Asian medicine, John studied Classical Homeopathy, Cultural Anthropology, and Culinary Arts.  A combination of these interests has yielded a home practice in Culinary Medicine which he enjoys sharing with his patients.  When appropriate, clients may go home with a recipe or two, or at least a few ingredient suggestions which can help each person along with his or her condition.  In addition, John may provide certain patients with Chinese herbal formulas to help with healing.  

John lives in Eugene, where he enjoys spending time in the outdoors.  He loves the rivers and mountains of the Pacific Northwest and takes advantage its offerings as much as possible.  When at home, he enjoys gardening, cooking, and general home projects including making Chinese Herbal Topical Medicines and blowing glass.

If you’d like to learn more about John’s acupuncture practice, please feel free to visit his website and get in touch with him at if you have any questions whatsoever.