Spend time with Joyce Bunner and it’s easy to see why her name begins with joy.

Joyce is an Energy Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, Licensed Esthetician, and Certified Touch For
Health Instructor. She utilizes advanced training and intuition to help your
body heal itself.

“I love the idea of people taking the positive energy they receive in a coaching session and allowing it to flow into their lives. I know it will grow exponentially.” 

Joyce uses her advanced skills to get down to the root of your energy blockages and correct them, which allows your body to restore posture and eliminate pain.

Joyce’s education and expertise:

Touch For Health utilizes acupressure points to help improve postural balance, reduce physical pain, boost the body’s immune system, and assist in the self-healing powers of the body.

Stress Indicator Point Systems uses acupressure points to find out what kind of stress you are experiencing and help you move the stress out more efficiently.

Flower Essences are a subtle aid in shifting negative emotions. They are used in coping with stress, anxiety, anger, fear, guilt, worry and many other disturbing feelings.

Seven Chi Keys is a chakra modality that uses acupressure to correct
disturbances or stress in the seven major chakras effectively.

Attitude With Essence is a profound and powerful way to use flower essence to help you diffuse deep traumatic memories and allow you to rid your life of them. Elevating people to the next level of their life energy.

Joyce’s life balancing, professional services:
  •  Energy Coaching
  • Touch For Health and Energy Kinesiology Classes
  • Holistic Therapeutic Facials
  • Holistic Nutrition Support
  • Flower Essence recommendations
  • Soothing herbal teas

“I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, to increase energy, relieve your pain, reduce stress, AND empower you with methods to care for yourself.” 

A session with Joyce will help you feel better, think more clearly, and move more freely so your mind and body can heal and restore joy!


Joyce Bunner, LE

Energy Coach, Licensed Esthetician &
Certified Touch For Health Instructor
NCBTMB provider #050467-00
(541) 517-2514