Massage and Energy Work For Anxiety

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist at Zenbrio House in Eugene, specializing in in hands-on intuitive energy work to ease anxiety and stress. I work with anxious people – those who are in pain or feel uncomfortable, and are ready to push beyond current limitations. 

I provide my own blend of relaxation massage that incorporates deep tissue and stretching. I offer sessions doing energy work, massage or a combination of the two.

A person can get bogged down by anxiety, trauma, negative self-talk, physical pain, emotional pain, tension, disease. I am a compassionate objective guide, listening and holding a neutral, safe space for you to do deep healing work, as you journey more deeply into self-acceptance and ease.

My Background In Massage

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. In 2010, I graduated from Port Townsend School of Massage in Washington State.

During my massage training, I realized that when I lay my hands on a person, I receive specific information about that person, like colors, images, feelings, words. I realized that I am gifted at listening deeply into a person’s being and sharing those specific details so the person may become a more full version of him/her self.

Working With Intuition

I dialogue with your Inner Wisdom, your inner intelligence which knows everything about you and what you need to heal or move forward unencumbered. I listen to your Inner Wisdom and follow its guidance.

Energy healing can induce deep relaxation, clear trauma or emotions, give clear guidance, and increase a feeling of well being or lightness. I am a facilitator, helping your body move toward balance. My passion is listening deeply into your being and sharing information so you can be a more full version of yourself.

I am truly in awe of the human body! And I am grateful for each person who allows me to share their journey and inner world. Thank you.