Shannon is an Energy Coach, specializing in Touch for Health Energy Kinesiology and Reiki. She will guide you through a fun, interactive process that can help you to achieve personal goals and live your best life.
          • Do you struggle with stress, anxiety, physical or emotional discomfort? 
          • Are you triggered by past traumatic events in you life?
          • Do you want to bring balance back to those areas of your life that are not going well?
          • Reduce self limiting behaviors?
          • Release old stories and beliefs that you may have held for a lifetime, but no longer
            serve you?
          • Are you ready to focus on goals you are striving to achieve? Even goals you feel
            some anxiety about?
          • Do you want to improve areas of your life that could be even better?
          • Do you have performance anxiety with sports, work, artistic endeavors, group
            settings, or even one on one?
          • Something you’re procrastinating about?
          • Are you ready to banish self doubt?
          • Are you ready to release guilt?
          • Do you simply feel off?
          • Are you depleted? Want to feel more present, centered and
          • Ready to make the unconscious conscious?

The possibilities are endless where you could focus and use Touch for Health, also known as Energy Kinesiology, to restore balance in your life. Energy Kinesiology is a world recognized holistic health approach that draws from holistic care traditions including Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.

Energy Kinesiology includes muscle testing and balancing that occurs through an enjoyable, guided and interactive process. This approach is about what you want for yourself, you are in charge and can choose to not do something I’ve suggested if it doesn’t feel right or resonate with what you want for yourself.

I enjoy sharing tips for self care if you’re interested. I am not a doctor and I don’t give a diagnosis or treat you as a doctor would. I believe strongly in the positive impact and healing you can accomplish with balancing the energy flowing through your body.

About Shannon

Life for Shannon prior to learning about Energy Kinesiology, Energy Coaching, Reiki and becoming a Yoga Instructor was in western medicine. From working in medical clinics, to being an executive in the healthcare field.

It was the experience of twenty plus years of working long hours, emotional and physical stress, childhood trauma and enduring the loss of her son that sent her on a journey that included pursuit of new tools to bring balance in her life. The tools she uses for herself and now shares with others.