Holistic Spa Services With Organic Products

Tavya Helfrich is a licensed holistic Esthetician that makes her own organic and natural products. Her focus is tending to each client with specific and individual treatments based on their needs. Inspired by nature itself, Tavya pulls natural elements to mix with her services. She sources oils and herbs from local farms, so she knows exactly what is in her remedy solutions. Her ingredients are hand picked, and her products hand made.

Tavya is compassionate, and always putting the client first. She is aware of the differences in skin care.That’s why a huge part of her service is seeing what your skin needs, and what you want from your time with her.

There are various relaxing treatments available with Tavya;

● Facials

● Body Wraps

● Detoxifying foot baths

History of Holistic Care

Spa work has always been a passion for Tavya, and for some time she has been learning, building and getting ready to venture further into holistic care. After discovering her new daughter had eczema and extremely sensitive skin, she started researching products and their ingredients.

Some time later, she choose to dive into making her own lotion. It turned into much more when she decided to start using and retailing it with her clients. She learned more about whole-body care, and found a drive to step back from artificial ingredients and into a healthier overall lifestyle. This had a true impact on her client care, and how she wanted to give each person the same attentiveness.

Being a holistic Esthetician is more than skincare, it’s the body mind and soul. Tavya takes the time to help you make improvements in your inner health to make the best impact on healthy skin. Considering what you eat, your daily routine, and how you handle stress are all factors in your overall well being.

Tavya At home

When Tavya isn’t with her clients she is with her husband, and their two children. She tries to be outdoors as often as possible and brings the natural, organic ideals into her home and family. Both of their children are home schooled and they spend as much time as they can together building a simple life.

“Time is all we really have of value, I believe taking some of it to slow down and focus on connecting your body and soul is pertinent to your mental and physical health”