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The "Personal Growth Tune-Up Package"

Whether you need life to be a little easier, or a total transformation, Energy Coaching can help you get off the sticky floor! Energy Coaching is a personalized approach to health by restoring balance of the whole person; body, mind, energy and mood! Get aligned with your goals, and release whatever stress is weighing you down.

Regular Price: $550 Package Deal: $385


What’s Included?
  • Four, 90 minute Energy Coaching sessions (to be used within an 10 week period)
  • 20min Flower Essence Consultation with supportive tincture to take home! 
  • Plus a COMPLIMENTARY 90min. Bonus Treatment of your choice
    (Oh, Yeah! You get to celebrate your progress!)
      • Therapeutic Massage
      • Facial
      • Or another Energy Coaching Session!

GET THE DEAL: To get the deal simply make your first Energy Coaching appointment with one of our Energy Coaches.

Energy Coaches Zenbrio House


“Slay Your Stress Patterns and Have Fun Doing It!”

What Can Energy Kinesiology Help With?

  • Feel more confident about speaking in front of groups – save your shirts from armpit sweat!
  • Cure the laziness that sets in every time you say you are going to organize your garage.
  • Get back in the groove of exercise, eating healthier, and focusing on yourself!
  • Allow the grief of a loss or failure to pass through, instead of sinking you.
  • Let go of anger or resentment toward someone who has wronged you.
  • Find the courage or clarity you need to leave or find peace with a job or relationship that isn’t working anymore.
  • Reduce negative self talk – blaming, shaming and “shoulding” yourself for everything.
  • Insert your idea here!!!

Customer reviews

What people say?

I loved my first energy session with Joyce. She made me feel at ease and comfortable sharing personal information. Joyce is positive and passionate about her work. I'm feeling more energetic and productive. I look forward to my follow-up sessions with her.
Diane H.
Thanks Joyce for the great energy coaching treatment. Your empathy and intuition to get to the root of the why my body is reacting to stress and giving me the tools to deal with it are remarkable. Hugs to you!!
I loved my energy coaching session with Sara. I immediately felt very comfortable with her which made it easy to share the difficulties I am working through. She asked all the right questions to get to the heart of the issue. She quickly got to work identifying where I was blocked and deficient and balancing the energies. It ended with a few minutes relaxing and integrating on her healing table. I left feeling lighter and very clear and look forward to my next treatment with her.
This was my first experience with kinesiology, so I was surprised at the energy results from the simple manipulations performed. Thank you, Sara, for the very professional and pleasing way you do your work! And thank you, also, for the friendliness!

Energy Coaches

Sara McRae Massage Therapist and Touch For Health Instructor

Sara McRae

Available Mon-Fri

Joyce Bunner Energy Coach and Licensed Esthetician

Joyce Bunner

Available Tues-Fri