I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

I’m offering interactive video-chat sessions that offer FULL BODY relief, boost your immune system, and relieve stress. I want you to feel better, and have some fun in the process! 

Whether you want relief from physical tension, emotional stress, or you want to more passionately align with your goals, I can help! 

Find out how easy it is to get full body relief and alignment, with an interactive Body Tune-Up session.

When you book your session I’ll send you an email invitation to join me via Zoom. See you soon!

Sara McRae LMT Massage Therapist and Touch For Health Instructor
(If you prefer an in-person session, email me at sara@zenbriohouse.com
and I’ll make sure you get scheduled right away when they resume!)

Find Out More…

Telehealth sessions are remarkably effective in clearing stress of all kinds. Even though I don’t know what results you’ll get, here’s what you might experience:

  • A boost to your energy levels, vitality, clarity and/or productivity
  • Pain relief, improved mobility and comfort, and physical healing
  • A boost to your mood and mental outlook
  • A sense of inner peace or inspiration
  • New awareness around an area of your life that matters to you
  • An ease or calmness to how you respond to something stressful (a diffused stress response)
  • A sense of release or relief from whatever is weighing you down
  • New awareness of your ability to correct your own imbalances with your own hands
  • A sense of empowerment that you can impact your health from home

If you don’t have it already, download the Zoom app.  Set up your phone or computer in an area where I can see you, and you can move around a little bit. 

You’ll also want to be well hydrated, and to think about what you’d like the focus of your session to be. We can do a generic session to help you feel better overall, or we can balance for something specific. These questions can help narrow it down:

  • What can be better?
  • How do you want to feel, that you are not feeling right now?
  • Is there something challenging, a problem, or a goal you want to achieve?
  • What is causing you stress, and how would you like to respond differently?

A Body Tune-Up session is holistic, meaning we do not focus on treating the symptoms, we focus on you as a whole person in the context of your life.  The techniques that are used are based primarily in Touch For Health, Energy Kinesiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Using interactive bodywork in this holistic model, we can diffuse the stress that is causing you to go out of balance. The process boosts your immune system, resets your posture, balances your energy meridians, and your mental outlook. The balancing of all of your systems as a whole, is what gets you to a more homeostatic state and diffuses stress, promoting healing to occur.

Usually we’ll have a brief conversation about what you want out of the session. We will pre-asses how you are doing before we begin. I may ask you to rate things like your physical pain, emotional stress, how well you are sleeping lately, your energy levels, etc.

Then, I’ll walk you through simple movements that allow us to assess the performance of various muscles/meridians/organ systems. If any movements are deficient (usually these have some discomfort, limited range, etc) I will provide you with the appropriate correction to apply, in order to get it back to feeling good.  We will do a series of checking, correcting, and re-checking those movements.

At the end we will do a post-assessment to note the positive improvements.

We will do muscle movements representing the meridians/organs of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

For example, you will lift your arm forward, protract your scapula (shoulder blade), and move your arm up and down as if you were shaking hands with a giant. This tests Serratus Anterior muscle and Lung Meridian.

Weakness makes it difficult to push things forward with the arms straight, causing the shoulder blades to wing out in back. This muscle needs to be functioning fully for ideal breathing and activities that require good breath control. Sometimes if both sides are weak it may be due to stiffness in the lower bones in the neck, or it may be due to the fact that the stress in your life is causing you to “lose your voice” literally or figuratively.

We can balance the muscle/meridian by applying a correction. I’ll walk you through that part! These are simple techniques, such as rubbing a neurolymphatic point (a certain spot on your body).  Applying the correction makes the movement feel easier, and it balances the meridian/organ.

You can do a Body Tune-Up session for any type of stress past, present or future. What can be better in your life?  

Examples of things you might balance for:

  • Something Physical
        • Relieve the tension in your neck and shoulders, back pain, headache, boost your immune system, breathe easier, etc.
  • A Goal You Want To Achieve/Something Challenging You Want To Feel Easier
        • Feel safe and at ease when grocery shopping, Communicate with spouse better, Speak easily in front of a group or on camera, Be motivated to take care of your health and fitness once and for all, Clear the clutter overwhelming your garage, find a new hobby that fills your soul, etc.
  • Diffuse A Stressor
        • Go Costco without being annoyed by other shoppers, No longer feel triggered by the sounds your spouse makes while eating, release the emotions that arise when you think about something in your past, etc.

I am offering Body Tune-Up sessions during COVID Stay At Home Orders for $65 for 60+min. sessions.

My normal rate is $135 per hour ($100 if you pay in advance).

The easiest way to pay for your session is to buy yourself a gift certificate. How sweet!

Usually 60-75min. If you need to be done promptly at 60min. in order to make it to your next engagement, please let me know in advance.

Healing should be fun. If it’s not, you’re doing it wrong.

My tagline is, “Slay Your Stress Patterns, and have fun doing it!” 

I am quick to laugh and I want to enjoy the balancing process with you. Even if you want to  “go deep fast” or tackle a big problem, infusing some fun into our session can be very balancing.

Most people say they have a good time and are surprised how enjoyable the process can be to overcome their stress. That’s part of the magic. 

If you are not finding an appointment time that works for you, please text or call me at 541-953-4537 to find out if we can make a connection.

Unfortunately I cannot take insurance for Telehealth sessions.

For in-person treatments (when those resume), yes I take insurance.  Clients must get pre-authorized to bill insurance by filling out this form.

Not at this time.  Our wellness center is temporarily closed.

If you’d like an in-person session, email me at sara@zenbriohouse.com and I’ll make sure you get scheduled right away when they resume!

Slay Your Stress, and have fun doing it!