How To Prepare For Your Session

✔️  Complete the pre-assessment form (below). This allows us to compare before and after, and note any positive improvements.

✔️ Be well hydrated – it’s best if you have a glass of water before we start. Yes, bathroom breaks during our session are fine!

✔️ Setup your phone or computer in a location
where I can see you and you can move around a little bit. We will be doing interactive bodywork where I will be walking you through various movements.

✔️ Think about what you would like out of your session. We can do a generic tune-up session to help you feel better overall, or we can balance for something specific. These questions can help narrow it down:

      • What can be better?
      • How do you want to feel, that you are not feeling right now?
      • Is there something challenging, a problem, or a goal you want to achieve?
      • What is causing you stress, and how would you like to respond differently?