How To Prepare For Your Session


✔️  Complete the COVID-19 consent form and email it to

I must receive this the DAY BEFORE  YOUR SESSION.  If I don’t receive it I will have to call you and cancel our appointment.

✔️ Think about what you would like out of your session. We can do a generic tune-up session to help you feel better overall, or we can balance for something specific. These questions can help narrow it down:

      • What can be better?
      • How do you want to feel, that you are not feeling right now?
      • Is there something challenging, a problem, or a goal you want to achieve?
      • What is causing you stress, and how would you like to respond differently

✔️ Self-Assessment, Know your baselines. I recommend making a note about the following –

      • How would you rate (0-10 scale is fine) Your stress level, Your mood, Your energy level, and Sleep?
      • Are there any areas you are experiencing Tension, Discomfort or Reduced Range of Motion?
      • Is there anything new for your Priority List (what we are working on) – Are there any New Goals or Areas of Health Improvement you desire, or Challenges/Patterns you’d like to break?
      • Anything else you think I should know?

✔️ Be well hydrated