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This toolkit is dedicated to our clients, students, and community members who want to feel better and have more fun! Information provided here is meant to support your journey to heal, grow, and expand your personal wellness. Most of the tools and techniques come the field of natural health called Energy Kinesiology, namely Touch For Health.  It is comprised of what we use in the classroom and private Energy Coaching sessions, as well as what we use personally.  Enjoy!

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Mood Boost List

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Mood Boost Word Salad

“It’s like going forward in time to give yourself advice that really works. When you need it the most!” 

Joyce Bunner Energy Coach and Licensed Esthetician

Joyce's List

Joyces Mood Boost List_Zenbrio House

I typed my Mood Boosters on the computer so I can change it easily. I am constantly learning new techniques to balance stress, so I want to be able to add new favorites as they come up.

Sara McRae Massage Therapist and Touch For Health Instructor

Sara's List

Since my creativity goes down the toilet when I am stuck, I wanted my list to remind me that I have the capability to be creative and more playful when I’m in balance. I used a page from a coloring book and added my mood boosters around it. It sparks joy for me just by looking at it. 

Mandy Baucum Yoga Therapist and Energy Coach

Mandy's List

Mandy Mood Boost List Zenbrio House

My list is big, bold and simple. It’s a giant sticky note up on my wall for easy reference. Done!


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