As always, Joyce Bunner gave me the most relaxing healing facial this morning at Zenbrio House. Since I’ve been working on reducing my stress level and focusing on Self Love Self Care I’ve noticed a great deal less pain in the areas of my body that were so sore before. I’m confident the energy work Joyce does with me has helped over the last few months. I’m looking forward to my appt next month.

Alegria A.

The week after my Energy Coaching appointment with Sara, the stress that I was dealing with had completely gone. A month later, I am still feeling the relief and enjoying the lifting of that weight. Plus, it was a blast 🙂

Katie B.

“I feel so much better after a session with Sara! I went in stiff, in horrible pain (almost everywhere), and came out with a sense of freedom, way less pain, and just a lighter feeling all over. Sara is not only skilled, but gifted–she was meant to do this.”

Sandy W.

Mandy is a healer. Authentic and honest. She rocks the yoga and personal health world.

Chris S.

Thank you Mandy. After doing three balancing sessions with you, my difficulty breathing from anxiety has been resolved. And to date it appears that my family conflict is in remission/evaporation. The “joy” element that came up in our session, appeared in a dream, amazingly. And of course you genuine smile and fast responses add to my experience. Thank you again.

Julia C.

I would highly recommend John for any acupuncture need. The guy is highly trained and extremely thorough; personable as well. I have more energy now that I no longer suffer from my shoulder pain. Thank you John!

Joyce B.

Sara is incredibly talented and gentle. She completely restored my energy balance which has made me feel like a new person! She is absolutely fantastic and so enjoyable to be around.

Mikayla E.

Had a wonderful Energy Coaching session with Sara! I feel that I’ve noticed a shift with a daily stress that I wanted to work on just within a couple days. I feel a lot less mind clutter and my body has been feeling less tense- which is such a wonderful feeling! Would highly recommend!

Rachel L.

Sara has so many skills–she is truly gifted in what she does. She can find hidden things and link things you never knew were related. I have never been disappointed (except that I can’t go more often). I would recommend her to everyone!


Post-tax season massage appointment with Sara. She has the magic touch!!! Worked all the latent tension right out of my body! And she knows that various issues with one’s muscle groups can relate to certain issues in one’s life, and addressing those “energy traffic jams” just adds to the effectiveness of the session! Sara has a wonderful spirit, and the environment is so conducive to a relaxing, effective session. I especially recommend her if you haven’t been in a while, or have never gone, go to Sara! She has a very welcoming approach that will set your mind at ease (as well as the body)! Thank you Sara, you are awesome!!!

Kevin B.