I love working with Dana! She is friendly and funny. She always keeps my confidence. I find her suggestions realistic and easy to fit into myself. She is always super helpful. She is a very knowledgeable. And a very wonderful cheerleader.

Cristin B.

I had another massage with Sara and it was awesome. She sure knows how to take the tension out. Thank you!

Bob A.

The week after my Energy Coaching appointment with Sara, the stress that I was dealing with had completely gone. A month later, I am still feeling the relief and enjoying the lifting of that weight. Plus, it was a blast 🙂

Katie B.C.

“Last night I attended the Community Balance Circle at Zenbrio House and felt so powerfully supported, included, and balanced after my experience. Joyce Bunner, Mandy Baucum, and Sara McRae created the ultimate welcoming circle of teaching, learning, listening, sharing, and hands-on healing. These three compassionate professional women created a fun, inspiring, authentic circle and brought the concept of balance into my body, mind, spirit through affirmations and touch. I’m looking forward to attending more monthly Balance Circles and encourage anyone and everyone to attend.”

Alegria A.

Today I received an Incredible Holographic Balance by Joyce. The experience was very calming, relaxing and I was engaging with her throughout the session. The results are positively impacting and shifting my mindset to enjoyment by helping me make the changes I want in my daily life with my relationships and looking forward to what I’m deciding to bring into my life. I am Very Excited To Manifest What I Want! I Highly recommend Joyce’s services!!!

Amie L.

Sara checked my whole body and found out what the main reason was for my pain and we have worked through it for permanent relief. I highly recommend her – she is the BEST!!!!

Jolie S.

“The positive energy of healing I’ve experienced makes my heart smile! Makes me feel so hopeful for my active future ahead of me!”
re session with Sara McRae

Tiffany H.

“I came out of my session with Mandy feeling energized and positive. She gave me just what I needed and was wonderful at finding the right instruction for me at the right time. Very much recommended!”

Paul S.

“I have had at least six sessions with Mandy focusing on Touch for Health and yoga therapy. Both approaches have been life-changing for me. In my search for self-growth, I have been to many practitioners and I can say, unequivocally, that Mandy is one of the best I’ve had. She is genuine, caring, present and focused on how you are feeling throughout the session and after the energy or yoga therapy work she did. I always came away feeling so improved from the subtle and not-so-subtle mind/body changes that occurred. It is time well spent!”

Laura Y.

“Zenbrio is a great location with a fabulous healing vibe. I can’t wait to work my way through each of the practitioners at this new and exciting location.”

R. Peterson