8% Club Balance Circles

You are invited to become a part of an exclusive club: the 8% of people who succeed in achieving their new year’s resolutions or goals.

Find out how growth-oriented people manifest success with ease, and learn how to do it yourself! The 8% club will meet monthly to set clear, rich goals and reach them by using energy techniques (Touch for Health energy kinesiology) to balance the stress that gets in the way. The energy balancing makes you feel lighter and your goals feel easier and more attainable. It’s a great recipe for diffusing stress and putting you in a good mood. Who doesn’t want that?

We welcome open-minded and growth-oriented people who want to make 2019 a great year! Join us and experience how positive goal-setting and Energy Balancing helps people feel better, overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

Set A Resolution That Enlivens Your Soul!

Is “resolution” a trigger word for you? Are you sick and tired of setting resolutions that don’t stick?

Would it help if you gained crystal clarity about what it is that you really want to achieve and attract in the new year? Would you like to be  wholeheartedly excited and passionate about your goal?

We’ll share our special recipe for setting goals that work. You’ll gain information about yourself to enhance your ability to stick to it. When our brain, body, and energy is aligned with our goal it is exponentially easier to achieve. Join us!

If this theme resonates, then this Balance Circle is for you!


Attracting (and Accepting) Nourishing Resources

What resources do you need to achieve what you want? Is it more money, support, energy, joy, or something else? Would you benefit from attracting the people, resources and opportunities to achieve what you want more easily? Do you struggle to get support or do you find that you are blocked in receiving and integrating what is meant to nourish you? Do you have trouble asking for or accepting help from others? Would you like to be more open and receptive to abundant resources?

Sometimes what we need is available, but we are blocked. We may not be noticing the resources around us, accepting or feeling worthy of what is being offered, or for whatever reason not asking for help. We may in some way be repelling the very things we need. If you would benefit from raising your ability to freely attract resources, join us!

If this theme resonates, then this Balance Circle is for you!


Do you want to feel like it’s easy to take steps in life literally or figuratively?

To achieve our goals we have to take steps. Sometimes we need to take a small step just to get going, and sometimes we are stuck because the next step is so HUGE!  Sometimes we need to figure out a series of steps, and sometimes we just need to step off the path entirely!

This balance circle will be about overcoming what is holding you back from taking the step(s) in the right direction.

Whether you are trying to get up a few stairs or climb that damn mountain once and for all, this Balance Circle will help!

If this theme resonates, then this Balance Circle is for you!



Who Can Attend?

Everyone is  welcome!

The 8% Club is an open group. The Balance Circles are public and complimentary. 

You’ll meet others who resonate with the same topic, learn simple self-care techniques AND you’ll get to be a part of an Energy Balance to reduce stress and leave you feeling lighter, brighter and more connected.

What Time and Where?

Zenbrio House

1725 Pearl St.
 Eugene, OR 97401

(We are on the corner of 17th and Pearl Street, set back from Pearl. Look for the pink sign and rot iron gate.)

How Do I Sign Up?

Join us on Meetup to register and stay connected!