When you book a Yoga Therapy session you are booking with Mandy Baucum, Yoga Therapist and Touch For Health Instructor.

Mandy’s Take on Yoga Therapy

I love yoga. I think it is one of the best forms of movement and therapy available. The only trouble is that many of the yoga poses taught in group classes are “out of reach” for many people with pain, injury or illness and most yoga teachers leading group yoga classes aren’t trained to work with people who have illness, injury or pain.

That was definitely my experience. After years of teaching group yoga classes, I didn’t really understand how the body worked. Not many yoga teachers do. Now, as a yoga therapist, I know how the pieces should optimally move and I can recognize when something isn’t moving the way it should be.

I share that knowledge with my students…the gap between how they are currently moving and how they could move better. That piece of yoga therapy – educating people about their movement patterns – is very key. Often times my clients are surprised or fascinated by the movement patterns they didn’t know they had. In time, they become more aware and at ease with all of the pieces of their body.

As a yoga teacher, people are always asking me how to do their yoga poses “right.” Now that I know how the body moves, I realize that what’s right for one person is often not right for another. It’s so individual. And that’s what I love about yoga therapy…that it truly teaches us what is right for us right now. It teaches people to slow way down and pay attention to what is going on in their bodies.

I can say with confidence that it is possible to reduce your pain/aggravation. I’ve seen it, I’ve experienced it, I totally believe it and I’d love to share it with you.


Yoga Therapy Facts

  • Yoga therapy is best done privately (between therapist and client). It’s very tailored to the needs of the client.
  • Yoga therapy is different than regular yoga because the movements are much simpler/more basic than regular yoga poses.
  • Yoga therapy teaches you about your unique movement patterns that contribute to pain/dysfuntion. Most regular yoga classes don’t do that. They just teach you the “correct” way to do a pose as best as you can.
  • Yoga therapy uses restorative positions (literally resting on different props) to release tension, similar to restorative yoga. You can feel better by lying around….who knew?

What are the benefits of yoga therapy?

  • reduced pain
  • less visits to the chiropractor
  • less stiffness, more ease
  • awareness and knowledge that will serve you in whatever activities you do (hiking, biking, swimming, etc.)
  • a custom home program to help you progress and meet your goals
  • a happier day, a happier you!

Types of people who benefit from yoga therapy with Mandy

  • people who are in pain
  • people who want to avoid/postpone back surgery
  • people who have tried PT but it hasn’t helped
  • people who want to improve range of motion/stiffness so they can hike/ski
  • people who want to avoid a second joint replacement
  • people who take yoga classes but wonder why they still have aches and pains