“I am a retired teacher who has had major upper back pain/stress ever since I was in college and throughout my career. It has gotten worse as I’ve aged, to the point of interfering with a regular exercise program. I have now been in Mandy’s program for three months. My upper back pain has diminished, to the point where I have relearned the use of my back muscles and rarely interferes with my regular exercise and work outside in my garden. I am ecstatic, overjoyed and so grateful for this extraordinary relief!”

Julia C.

“Just when I think Sara can’t get any more amazing, she does! She has so many ways to treat. I can now turn my head without a certain muscle pulling me back. I didn’t think that was possible. I am gaining hope for things I had given up on and still learning things I can do at home. She is a great therapist, but also a great teacher. I can’t explain some of what she does, but I am experiencing the results, and look forward to each visit and moving closer to “wellness”. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!!!”

Sandy W.